Bavarian Authentic Lederhosen Wild Brown



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  • 100% Authentic Premium leather
  • 100% polyester lining on the inside
  • 2 front pockets 1 knife pocket on the side
  • 1 rear pocket (button-up)
  • Buckhorn style authentic deer horn buttons
  • Handmade Embossed Embroidery with 2 layered Linings for an intrinsic look
  • Adjustable Suspenders
  • ADD FREE Bavarian Shirt
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    Authentic Lederhosen made from the best quality 100% authentic cow suede leather including traditional detailed motifs, this traditionally designed mens authentic lederhosen is the ideal companion for folk festivals, Oktoberfest or Halloween as well. The classic embroidery on the Bavarian mens lederhosen has a display of the Oktoberfest representation featuring beige colored deer and leaf motif embroidery with Bavarian floral details.

    The brilliant detail and authenticity of this German Lederhosen make it the perfect outfit for German events. Set yourself apart from your friends and fashion yourself into a true German man!

    These German authentic lederhosen comes with adjustable suspenders and straps (Free) with special highlighted, classic, detailed and elegant embroidery on the drop fly, H-suspenders, the knife pocket and the trouser legs.

    Lederhosen Outfit:

    This authentic lederhosen outfit can be completed with a checkered or embroidered shirt. You can also add a pair of Lederhosen shoes from our unlimited variety featuring elegant embroidery, and side laces.

    Product Fit:

    The top quality leather guarantees durability and wearing comfort. Please note that since these German leather shorts lederhosen are made from refined real leather, they may have a slightly tighter fit in the beginning, hence we advise customers to buy 1 size up then what they wear for normal jeans. After a while of usage, the shorts will widen and adapt to the shape of your body. For reference please check our size guide before you place an order

    The German leather shorts lederhosen length is short (knee length for a person of 6ft height, and slightly longer for shorter heights)

    Our German lederhosen outfits are advertised in inches, measured around the inside of the waist band. If you have measured the waist of the jeans or pants in your closet, that is the size you will need to order your classic lederhosen costume in. Our fine leather is form-fitting but it stretches about an inch the more you wear it. There are laces in the back of the waist so you can adjust your lederhosen for best fit.

    Suspender Size: In order to determine the length you need to order, you can measure from your waist in front, up over the shoulder to the opposite side on the back (i.e. front left button to the back right button). Compared to casual pants, the lederhosen rides higher so refer to our Size Chart for further details.

    Completely Authentic:

    The traditional design of this German Lederhosen gives it astounding quality and uniqueness. With 100% authentic premium leather and a polyester interior lining, it feels absolutely genuine. The handmade embossed embroidery has 2 layered linings for flawless, intricate detailing, while the buckhorn style authentic deer horn buttons give the outfit a refined, rugged look that is ideal for all men.

    Premium Quality Leather:

    These traditional Mens German pants are made from 100% genuine cowhide suede, a superior quality material guaranteed. The high-quality stitching is extra-durable while the suspenders make sure everything stays put!

    Comfortable Fit:

    This lederhosen comes with adjustable suspenders so that you can alter it according to your body type and height. The design features 2 front pockets, 1 knife pocket on the side, and 1 rear button-up pocket - perfect for stashing snacks and your possessions! With Oktoberfest nearing once again, you're not going to find a better or more authentic lederhosen than this one. The traditional German-inspired concept with genuine materials means you can re-wear it for every year's festivities. Get it while it's on sale now!

    Add FREE Bavarian Shirt:

    Don’t Forget to Add a FREE Bavarian Shirt with this authentic lederhosen in your cart. Just add Bavarian Shirt in your Cart with and it will be priced FREE in your cart Total. You are saving additional $25 by getting an original bavarian shirt with this authentic lederhosen.

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