Oktoberfest Discount and Deals

We manufacture and process leather and sell only our own brand Premium Quality Lederhosen and Best Quality Fabric Drindl Dresses along with many other Oktoberfest trachten sets. You can avail the best pricing with our amazing discount and deals.

Free Bavarian Checkered Shirt

You can Get a Free Bavarian Shirt with any Lederhosen or Bundhosen. All you have to do is to add a Lederhosen or Bundhosen and add your Favorite Bavarian Shirt in your Cart. Please remember you must add atleast one Lederhosen or Bundhosen and one Bavarian Shirt before you get the Shirt.       

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15% OFF on each Lederhosen / Bundhosen
Yes, That’s true when you buy 2 or more then you will get 15% OFF on each Lederhosen or Bundhosen. Not only this you will get Free Bavarian Shirt with each of Your Lederhosen / Bundhosen. To GET THE FREE Bavarian Shirt, simply add your favorite shirts in your cart with your Lederhosen or Bundhosen and they will priced to FREE. Please note 1 Bavarian Shirt per Lederhosen and Bundhosen is also Free.So don’t forget to add it in your cart.

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15% OFF on each Dirndl Dress
You will Get 15% OFF on each Dirndl Dress if you buy 2 or more. Not only this you will be Getting FREE Blouse and FREE Apron included with Each Dirndl. This
is on top of Oktoberfest Sale.

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Save on Lederhosen Shoes
Yes, you can now save On Bavarian Oktoberfest Shoes by Simply adding them to your cart with any Lederhosen or Bundhosen. So get your Oktoberfest Footwear Fashion at the best price guaranteed.

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Disounts for Groups
If you are buying for your whole Group of Friends then please do not forget to talk to our represenatives through online chat or by emailing on [email protected] . Because we might be able to fetch you some amazing Discounts and Deals for your whole group on this Oktoberfest.

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Couple Discounts
We know Oktoberfest means a lot for couples. And many of you are planning to surprise you partner and Loves this Oktoberfest with surprise authentic and trendy trachten. So why not we should surprise you too by giving you additional discount over any sale amount.
You will get 15% OFF if you add any lederhosen / bundhosen with any dirndl in your cart. For a SET of 2 You will get 15% off on All.

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Flat Rate Shipping
We are Offering FLAT RATE SHIPPING for almost every product in our store. This means you are saving big on shipping and will not be charged per item.

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Mega Oktoberfest Sale
We are the number # 1 Lederhosen and Dirndl Online Store with highest quality authentic and trendy products at most affordable rates. And in addition to that we will are always giving huge SALE on most of our popular and Best Seller items. You can always check our SALE page to find out the best priced Lederhosen and DIrndl products.

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Business & Bulk Orders Discounts
Lederhosen Wears Store is not only the best seller with most sales for Oktoberfest in US, UK, AU and EU online. But also manufactures and process our own leather. This is the reason our pricing are very competitive and our quality is premium than any brand available in the market.

We can provide amazing offers to our business partners. We have parternered with many Oktoberfest event groups, coroprates and musical bands. Contact Us now for your business queries and we will cater them the best.

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