Size Guide

Size Guide – Lederhosen & Dirndl

Use the below Size Chart for Lederhosen Dirndl and other Products. In case if you have any query or required further information you can contact us using Live Chat or through Contact us Form

IMPORTANT: Please note that Lederhosen and Bundhosen has a low stretching tendency as compare to other fabric like jeans or cotton trousers. Sizing also varies depending on where you will tuck-in your Lederhosen / Bundhosen.

Lederhosen and Bundhosen Size Guide

Lederhosen and Bundhosen get’s loosen up to 0.5 to 1 inch after 2-3 times of wearing it. Breaking Leather like that is required before Oktoberfest. Also It is always better to get one size large if you are not sure about your actual Lederhosen size.

Women's Lederhosen Size Guide