Lederhosen Oktoberfest Socks Greyish White



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New German Bavarian Trachten Socks. Comfortable with high quality fabric.

  • 100% wool/nylon
  • Free size (adults)
  • Bavarian style braided patterns
  • Sweat absorbent fabric
  • Stretchable with comfortable fit

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No Oktoberfest outfit is complete with a unique pair of lederhosen socks (or “Kniestrumpf” in German Language). These durable and sturdy pullover socks reach up to the knee and show a beautifully knit design with different patterns at the back and front area. Made out of 100% wool, it is offers a soft, comfortable feel.
The toe and heel part are reinforced with elastic and thicker cotton fabric to ensure a comfortable wear. They are designed to last you through the festival without worrying about the cold as well as them slipping down your leg. Their high quality workmanship and cotton is so durable and robust to ensure they can cope with any stress at festive festivities. Their unique quality also makes them suitable to wear in summer. It features smooth knitted heels and soles to keep your feet comfortable in lederhosen shoes.
A close up of these trachten socks will reveal only the best attention to detail when it comes to stitching. Thick material, traditional lines, and a vintage appeal make these a must-have item amongst those who prefer to enjoy a warmer and comfortable sock on their feet. Perfect for the Oktoberfest day out, we have these Bavarian socks available in free size for adults.

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